Lym Zim

Jo Enright

The article below is taken from PALS Magazine 22 written by Jo Enright before her death earlier in 2020. Jo set up the Lym Zim Link charity with her sister Kate because of their brother, Fr. Brian Enright who is a Jesuit priest in Zimbabwe.

A Pictorial Look

As Lym Zim gets closer to closing at the end of this financial year (April 2020) a pictorial look back at what YOU have achieved over the years since we launched in April 2003 at the request of several parishioners who sought a charity where they could be sure the funds were spent wisely and reached the intended recipients would serve as reminder of some of YOUR achievements!

From 2003 to 2010 we supported a Cheshire Home in Harare caring for severally disabled children by equipping their bare physiotherapy room and later building a residential and disability resource centre for disabled young people throughout Zimbabwe.

With Cheshire now able to function well we moved on to support Emerald Hill School for the Deaf and a group of deaf children at Pedro Arrupe centre based at the very rural Jesuit Mission Station at Musami. We installed electricity and water and reroofed the houses and generally improved the living conditions.

Until March 2020 we will continue to support the girls at Emerald Hill and other school projects. Fund raising is low key due to my poor health and I will be unable to make and sell the usual 1000 Christmas cards. The draw continues until 31/3/20 and the account remains open for donations until that date. As always, it is to thank you from so many in Zimbabwe and give you assurance that you are in their prayers every day.