I was ordained on 3 July 2015 after six years training within Plymouth Diocese on pastoral placements and at St John’s Seminary, Wonersh – this included completion of CCRS and BTh from St Mary University, Twickenham.

Previously, after completing six years of graduate and postgraduate studies, I have worked (for 26 years) as a Process Engineer in Research, Development and Technology roles, including many years in Senior Management, managing technical teams globally. Most of this time was spent working for an International Company from a base in UK but included working in many countries overseas.

I was brought up by Polish parents – hence I speak Polish- living first in Birmingham and then Northampton.  Before coming to this parish my base, when at home, was Cornwall.

The greatest gift my parents left me was the Catholic Faith which they nurtured from my earliest years. Ultimately after over 30 years of wrestling with God I offered myself for selection and ultimately for formation to the Diocesan Priesthood. Being a Catholic priest has given me my greatest joys whilst also the greatest challenges. I am grateful to all those who continue to help form me through support and keeping me in the ministry I seek to fulfil, in daily prayer.