By Roger King

If Sunday is for praying, what about the rest of the week?

I can remember, a long, long time ago, when I dutifully went to Church with my parents with the idea that this would set me up for the rest of the week. In those days praying apparently involved kneeling beside your bed with your hands clasped together, this did not come easily to me.

Then came school, the war, air raid shelters and a closer look at what life was all about. I was also lucky enough to have a headmaster who talked to his sixth form about the historic theories about the existence of God. So, maybe, here the mustard seed was planted, what it grew into is work in progress!!

Although I was bombed and machine gunned whilst still a schoolboy, in a long military service, I never had to fire a round at an enemy target. Furthermore, in a relatively short time, we were standing with our previous enemies against a new huge threat.  I was aware of the adage “you don’t find atheists in foxholes” and of the horrors of the trench warfare and he blitz; more serious thoughts came to mind.

At last, the penny began to drop, you did not go to Church to be with God, He is with you every moment of your life; if you do your best to follow his example of selfless love for all things and accept whatever befalls you as His will, you can take whatever comes and begin to know His peace.

Do not think that He is in your pocket or o your back; you have to ask Him in to help you tackle whatever it is concerning you. You do not have to get on your knees to ask for his help, He probably knows what you need already, but you have to ask.

A bloke called Fenelon, of whom I know nothing, writes

“If you are with God in faith and love you are in prayer”  Nobody said it was easy.