A Note on Gift Aid

At the end of December 2016, weekly Gift Aid envelopes were discontinued in our three parishes of Axminster, Lyme Regis and Seaton.  Our parishes now take advantage of the Gift Aid Small Donation Scheme or ‘GASDS’ which allows us to claim back tax (within certain parameters) from cash put anonymously into the plate at Mass.

Understandably there was initial concern at the change, but the administrative burden on our parish volunteers is now very much lighter as there is now no need to record an individual’s donation each week.

Bank Standing Orders:

There are advantages to our parishes for individuals to donate by ‘Gift Aid’ by Bank Standing Order (BSO).  With the GASDS plate arrangement, there is an annual ceiling figure per parish above which tax cannot be claimed, so Parish Gift-Aid Organizers (and our Treasurer) would be happy to discuss Gift Aid with anyone who would like to become a donor in their own right. Our Gift-Aid contacts are:

Axminster – Peter Porteous
Lyme Regis – Mike Hamerton
Seaton – Tom and Julie Dunnon

Our Treasurer – Monica Watts-Hunt

Please see one of the above if you would like to become a Gift Aid donor through Bank Standing Order.

There is a new envelope for One-Off Gift Aid Donations

These envelopes will be held by the Parish Gift Aid parish contacts for the strict purpose of collecting ‘one-off’ donations from donors who are not registered in the parishes for Gift Aid. The occasions when these envelopes might be used are by visitors to the parish or for donations during special services such as a wedding. The envelopes are accountable to HMRC so our Parish contacts are briefed to give them out and collect them back for counting .

If you have any query concerning Gift Aid, please contact your church contact as above after Mass or call the Axminster presbytery office (number on the website).