From Rita Bellini

Our Garden at 6am Thursday 22nd April looks at its best this time of day when the sun is shining. Looking from our bedroom window from left to right the sun firstly hits the bare branches of the large oak tree two doors along and the yellow magnolia stands brightly in front. Next it rests upon the rusty bark of the firs at the end and the pink magnolia, doing so well this year, with the plum blossom in front, and then on to the magnificent flowering cherry. The flowers are not all out yet but the bronze leaves are beautiful.

In the background, there are seats ready for our coffee breaks from where we can have a different view, and there are glimpses of the red leaved acer. Still looking further on to the right, in the distance is a rhododendron, pink budded opening to white. A lilac, pale mauve, is starting to open and we can just see some of the red leaved crab apple. Just at the corner of my eye is the apricot tree which seems to have a good crop of tiny fruit forming.

At ground level, all around are the last of the daffodils, some dead heading to do there, and for-get-me-nots, and a few tulips. The grass/moss/weeds, recently cut, is very colourful and lots of primroses and primulas are self-seeding everywhere. There are other shrubs like the tree peonies, abelias, viburnums and others that will delight us later in the year.

What we can’t see until we go outside is what a lot of varied ground cover we have in the beds, called weeds! It is a pleasure to sit with a cup of tea admiring it in the mornings. A good start to the day!