Updated 19th January 2021 by Treasurer

This page is to explain how best we can contribute financially for the upkeep of our new parish of The Most Holy Trinity.   During the last 12 months we have seen the merger of the parishes, the Covid-19 lockdowns and work on the Lyme Regis Restoration Project has now begun.  All these in their different ways have had an effect on our parish finances.

Comparing the income from ‘Giving’ over the last two financial years, to the projected income from ‘Giving’ (estimated) for the current financial Year End we can see the figures have been decreasing.

Y/E to March 2019:                                      100%

Y/E to March 2020:                                       88%

Y/E to March 2021 (estimated):                  69%

‘Giving’ is income received from individuals whether by Standing Order or through plate collections.  The figures used do not include donations to the Lyme Regis Restoration Project

The conclusion is we need to increase our donations to maintain financial stability by about 30% which for instance means that a monthly contribution of £30 becomes £39.

Parishioners who would like more information should ask Claire to post the most recent financial report but the basic message is that month on month our expenditure has grown greater than our income.

We now have only two Bank Accounts:

There is a new Bank Account for our larger Parish titled:  ‘PRCDTR Parish of the Most Holy Trinity’. This account will handle all general finances for the parish and general expenses for our three churches.

The second Bank Account is also new and is titled ‘PRCDTR St Michael and St George Restoration Fund’.  This account is strictly to handle funds for the Lyme Regis church restoration project.

General Points to Making Donations:

If you wish to make regular contributions to either or both of the above accounts, this is best done by Bank Standing Order and there are links to these forms below.  Generally speaking, this is a simple process to set up and giving regularly helps the Parish Office to better handle its finances. Bank Standing Orders remain the best method for regular donations because they are cheap for the parish to run and easy to process. 

If you wish to make donations by cheque, please write the cheque to the appropriate Bank Account as above and post to Mrs Julie Gray, Parish Secretary, The Priests House, St Mary’s Church, Lyme Road, Axminster, EX13 5BE.

For our Sunday plate collections, we hope these will resume soon!  It is an important source of income for the parish and within certain rules we are able to reclaim tax on monies given this way.

Bank Standing Orders:

To donate regularly for the general support of the parish the Bank Standing Order form to complete is here. Please click the green button.

To donate regularly for the Lyme Regis Restoration Project, the Bank Standing Order form to complete is here. Please click the blue button.

Please note that funds raised for the Lyme Regis restoration project will create a ‘restricted fund’, and will be accounted for as such. If for some good reason the appeal project cannot be completed or if a surplus arises, the remaining funds will be used for general charitable purposes for the parish.  Our church in Lyme Regis is part of the RC Parish of The Most Holy Trinity and part of PRCDTR, registered charity number 213227.

Gift Aid:

Sums donated to either or both of our Parish Accounts can be ‘Gift Aided’.  If you are an Income Tax payer, your contribution can earn the Parish an extra 20% and regular donations by Bank Standing Order are recommended as most cost effective to the parish.

To register as a Gift Aid donor, please complete the Gift Aid Declaration Form which can be downloaded by clicking on this link:  

The completed form should then be sent to:  Mrs Julie Gray, Parish Secretary, The Priests House, St Mary’s Church, Lyme Road, Axminster, EX13 5BE.

Pledge Plan:

the roll out of The Pledge Plan has already started and has a separate page on the website.

Cashless Giving:

We are planning to introduce cashless giving as a trial and in the back of our churches we shall have a cashless giving unit for donations.  The scheme has been recommended by the Diocese and the feedback from Canon John Webb, who has been running a pilot scheme at St Mary’s in Poole since February has been good.

A ‘Passbox’ or ‘Giving Station’ at the back of the church is basically a card reader, the like of which many of us will have used when out shopping. 

The ‘Give a Little’ buttons on our website are electronic versions of the the church cashless giving units.  Donations can equally be made through the website by typing in your card details.  The ‘Give A Little’ system also allows you to Gift Aid your donation.

For donations via ‘Give a Little’ to the general Parish website, please click here:

For donations via ‘Give a Little’ for Lyme Regis Church Restoration, please click here:

The cashless giving unit provides an alternative way to collect donations, perhaps for visitors and ‘one-off’ contributors and could be useful for donors who may not wish for whatever reason to set up a Bank Standing Order. Cashless Giving is an integrated system provided by two organizations jointly ‘SumUp’ and ‘Give A Little/PayAs’. The system is on trial to see how well it works for us.