Parish Finance

Treasurers Report for the Year ended 31st March 2022

To summarize the Accounts – Receipts & Payments Report – in the order in which you read it.

Assessable Income

The Total is down £3,400, from £109,900 last year to £106,500 this year.

The main highlights being:

  1. Fall in Giving of £4,100 from £55,000 to £50,850.  This is very positive given the restrictions we incurred in both Worship and fundraising opportunities through this period due to Covid 19. No doubt it also reflects the financial climate we are living in, whereby we all have to be so much more careful with how we spend our money. 

The fall in giving is also reflected in a fall in the Tax we recover from Gift Aid by £1,200.

The challenge going forward is to ensure that we do everything we can to attract new Churchgoers, and renew our fundraising efforts to ensure we can continue to cover the cost of upgrading and maintaining our Church’s and Presbyteries along with meeting our general Parish running costs.

I would encourage all those who give regularly to gift aid their giving which will enable us to claim back the additional 25% in tax, if you are a UK tax payer.

  • We have a new heading, “Clubs Income” totaling £3,000. This represents the income from our 60 Club up to the date of year end. We would like to thank all those who have taken part in the 60 club this year and hope many more will take the opportunity to get involved next year.
  • It is important to note that the Interest and Investment Income coming from the Central Investment Funds of £44,000 each year remains a substantial part of the annual income. Hence it is vitally important that we maintain our healthy balance in this fund and not allow it to be eroded.  

Non-Assessable Income:

The Total has risen £106,000, from £138,400 last year to £244,400 this year

This year’s total was almost exclusively made up of Grants received of £244,400 in respect of the Lyme Regis Restoration.  Huge thanks go to Richard Salt and Father Anthony for this magnificent achievement, which allowed the Restoration to go ahead.

Total Income Received has risen by £102,600 this year when compared to last year.


Total Expenditure has risen by £157,250 from £151,200 last year to £308,450 this year.

The main highlights being:

  1. The Extraordinary expenditure of £230,600 is from the Lyme Regis Restoration which to date has been fully covered by the Grants Received and the generous donations from our parishioners.
  • All other costs have been kept reasonably low and in check year on year.  Thanks for this must go to Father Anthony, assisted by our new Parish secretary Julie Gray who has given tremendous support to Father Anthony and the parish in the last year.

The Net Result for this year is a Surplus of £42,400 in the year in which a major Restoration has taken place. This is a marvelous result, given all the restrictions we were under through the height of Covid 19.

Last year’s result of the Surplus of £97,000 benefitted from the early fundraising & donations before the Lyme Regis Restoration took place.

To reflect the good health of the Parish Funds, I can record that the Balances held by the Parish at 31st March 2022 are:

Bank & Cash Balances – Total                 £   152,188

Central Investment Funds – Total          £1,250,154

TOTAL FUNDS                                             £1,402,342

There is still much to do as we have 3 large Churches to maintain.

Already since March 2022, we have:

  1. Install new Heating systems in Lyme Regis & Seaton
  2. Laid a new car park at Seaton
  3. Repointed the walls at Seaton Presbytery

 Our work goes on.

I cannot conclude my report without again giving due Thanks to Father Anthony in ensuring that good stewardship has been maintained through this time and to Richard Salt for his meticulous work through the Lyme Regis Restoration.

Most sincere thanks must also go to all The Parishioners of the Parish of The Most Holy Trinity for your continued and amazing generosity in financial giving and support in maintaining and preserving all three of our Church’s, Presbyteries and Church grounds.

Please God all the works we are carrying out now, will ensure these wonderful places of Worship we are Blessed to have in our Parish will be there for many generations to come.   

Liz Tompkins

Parish Treasurer 22/07/2022

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