Note from the Editor of PALS magazine: 

At the time of printing the last edition of The PALS Magazine (No.23) in March, we did not know how the Corona virus would affect us all.  Most of the copies of this issue of the magazine still remain in their boxes with only a small proportion distributed by post to those who had asked for them.  In the copy I said that change to the magazine would be inevitable but I had not seen that a decision on its future had been made for me so quickly!

The parish website https://thecatholictpn.org/  over the last months has shown us how useful it has been for Father Anthony and the parish office to pass on information about events such as Mass times and links to on-line Mass services.  Because of that, I have started to put some articles that were published in previous PALS magazines onto the website as well.  In many ways the articles open better on line, they can be changed and can be in colour too.

As Editor, I have reached a point that with no one selling the advertising space which made the magazine pay for itself, we will now have a go at putting articles ‘on-line’.  At the time of writing this, there are no articles waiting to be published from anyone so this is a request to anyone who would like to be published on the website.  We could introduce a section called ‘Lockdown’ if a sufficient number of us wanted to write about our experiences in this difficult time.  If you have anything relevant, legal, decent and honest to put in, please send it by email to Claire, our Parish Secretary who will let me have the copy to put up. 

With no feedback from readers it sometimes seems like walking in the dark so please do let us know how you think we should communicate across three church communities in the future.

Talking about how we are now communicating with each other, Claire is now sending out messages and Parish information to those parishioners she has emails for.  Does Claire have yours?  Using the internet to pass on information is a fast and much less costly method of telling each other what’s happening. Regarding those PALS Magazines that were printed in March, we will have them put into each of our churches for distribution when we are allowed to.