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11 January 2021 – Revised Mass Arrangements – Covid 19 Variant

Dear All,

Corona Virus infection is out of control in London, and without strict adherence to Lockdown it will soon be out of control in East Devon as well. The Church of England has closed several of its churches in the lower Axe Valley in response to a local outbreak and more will probably follow.

Despite the fact that at the moment places of worship can remain open, Government advice is that we should all stay at home as much as we possibly can, and in view of all of this, from Sunday 17 January I will say Sunday Mass only at Axminster. There will be no service at Seaton or Lyme. In any event the situation at Lyme Regis is exacerbated by scaffolding which will block off the front door and the side path access, leaving the church with a single entry and exit point. This will contravene our Covid Risk Assessment, and is another reason for temporary closure.

I am obliged to keep the Parish Church at Axminster , open for public worship, but I am extremely concerned at the risks to which this will expose you all; and if you come, you will be asked to make a spiritual communion, in order to minimise infection spread. You are not obliged to come and I strongly advise you to stay away.

Mass is live streamed to television from a large variety of places, and for the sake of your own life and the lives of others I encourage you to make use of this facility for the next few weeks.

Please remember the Government Mantra:

“Stay at home, save lives. Protect the NHS”

God bless you all

Fr Anthony

23 December – Happy Christmas to our website readers!

To cheer us up, Nat Bruzon has sent in the latest ‘That’s Life’ which is under our articles column over on the left

17 December – Lest we forget

Celia Oliver who died 24 July 2020

Celia was an Axminster parishioner for many years, a teacher in our primary school and also our Axminster church organist. Even after having moved to Netherbury, Celia continued to be our figurehead in the choir until only a few years ago. May she rest in peace.

11th December

Raffle – Thank you all those who bought tickets, we raised over £1,490!

The winners are:   1st Prize – £100 – Kate Wooton;   2nd Prize – £50 – Mrs Bednarz;   3rd Prize – Hamper – Jeremy Williams;   4th Prize – Wine and Chocolate – Nat and Patricia Bruzon.

Congratulations All !

7th DecemberAll Masses on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are now fully booked. Claire will be confirming your allocated mass in the next few days if she hasn’t contacted you already. Please do remember that we have Masses on Boxing day and Sunday 27th December.

3rd December – from Deborah Fisher, Caritas Manager:

We are all called to Welcome the Stranger but many people are unsure how they can help others during this time of continued lockdown. Caritas has produced a Christmas Newsletter which offers some practical suggestions for action and links to prayer resources.  Thank you.

30th November 2020 – web editor

Please see new ‘Notes to the Parish’

Sealed Bids for signed prints from Laurence Anholt. Click on the artwork here for more information

7th November:

Jeny Butler is now living with her son Basil and his family in Cornwall and friends in Axminster will be please to know Jeny is in good spirits (visited by the website editor) and can read her emails (her old email address) on her tablet as she sits overlooking a very scenic valley near the Helford.

It may not come as a surprise to us that there is an income shortfall this financial year which we have to address.  Information on financial support through ‘giving’ will be coming soon under the ‘Giving’ tab.

What has been particularly GOOD news has been the award of £140,000 for the Restoration Fund of our Lyme Regis church given by Historic England (Culture Recovery Fund).  Information for this is under the ‘Lyme Regis Church’ tab. 

1st November 2020 from the website editor

At the time of printing the last edition of The PALS Magazine in March 2020 (No.23), we did not know how the Corona virus would affect us all.  Most of the copies of this issue of the magazine still remain in their boxes with only a small proportion distributed by post to those who had asked for them.  In the copy I said that change to the PALS magazine would be inevitable but I had not seen that a decision on its future had been made for me so quickly!

With no volunteers to sell the advertising space which was how the magazine paid for itself we will have a go at putting articles and other content ‘on-line’.  At the time of writing, there are no articles waiting to be published so if you would like anything put on the website, please email a copy to either Claire our Parish Secretary or to me at  

Over recent months, the parish website  has proved to be essential in publicising information on events such as Mass times and on-line Mass services to our congregations during ‘lockdown’.  Fr. Anthony publishes his thoughts under ‘Notes to the Parish’ and his most recent homily is at the top of the homily list, so please pass on the good news. 

I have started to put some articles that were previously published in past PALS magazines onto the website and in many ways the articles open better on the web page where the photographs can be in colour too.  If you have thoughts on how we can better communicate with each other across three church communities, please let us know.

Talking about how we now communicate, Claire sends out messages and Parish information to those parishioners she has emails for.  Does Claire have yours?  The Parish Office email is 

Using the internet to pass on information is a fast and much less costly method of telling each other what’s happening. Regarding the PALS Magazines that were printed in March, we will have them put into each of our churches for distribution when we are allowed to.