About the Synod

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On October 10th Pope Francis opened a two-year process of synodality. The aim is to consult with the whole Church including laity, religious and ordained in how it can become more inclusive of all sections and open in its governance.  Here is the Opening Address by Pope Francis on the synod:

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This is the first time that such a wide-ranging gathering of views from the whole Church has ever been undertaken.  It is to be a spiritual process grounded in prayer to the Holy Spirit for guidance. It is not a forum for complaints or a way in which to air narrow personal opinions.


In order to be genuine and credible the synodal process will take soundings from every section of the Church Body. It is to be completed in the two-year period from November 2021 -November 2023.  The initial phase which is confined to each individual Diocese is targeted to be completed by April 2022 but in order to fulfil this requirement Plymouth Diocese wishes to consult each of its parishes with mid-January as the very latest reporting date.

What are we asked to reflect on?

Our Diocese of Plymouth have suggested we focus on four generic areas.  They are:

Listen, Mission, Celebrate and Dream.

To see the key questions which gave guidance for our group discussions on which to reflect, please see below.

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These themes are prompts for our discernment and prayerful consideration because at its heart this is a prayerful process where we respectfully listen to the Holy Spirit as he speaks through us.

Unfortunately, we have to acknowledged that the take-up for our group meetings and the zoom meetings in December were smaller than expected.  There are still opportunities to give your ideas and comments using the following brief questionnaire called ‘Share Your Thoughts’.  You can complete it totally anonymously.  These forms can also be found at the back of our 3 churches

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The latest Newsletter from the diocese for the Synodal journey is here:

Please pray for the success of the Synod in our parish

God bless.

Our work is administered through the Parish Office in Axminster