Note from Bishop Christopher:

Bishop Christopher is in isolation because of age and tells us he has plenty of time to pray! He celebrates Mass every couple of days and offers prayers for all the parishioners of the new parish – Axminster, Lyme Regis and Seaton.

Note from the Website editor:

With the majority of us effectively grounded, I have added some more detail to different parts of the site. For instance the latest PALS magazine is a click away while 400 copies are sitting in the Axminster Presbytery!

To see Mass and prayers on line (YouTube) please click on the Mass picture on the main page. This is the Diocesan link and there is a selection here to discover.

Covid-19 is putting enormous pressure on families so you will be interested in the work of Axminster Churches Together (ACT), offering practical help to the vulnerable in the town.

Finally, if you have a comment on how the website can be best used for the benefit of the parish, please email, ring or write to Claire Peters, Parish Secretary. Contact information is on the ‘Welcome’ page. To contact the website editor, please ring me or leave a text message on 07767 202272.

The Three Parish 100 Club Please sign up! Contact the office if you need a form to enter. This is your last chance for this year

Parish Lunch – Due to the corona virus it has been decided to delay the Parish Lunch and celebratory Mass, both will be re-organised later in the Summer. If you would like a refund please do contact the parish office.

Administered through the Parish Office in Axminster