Trinity Sunday

Have you ever met someone who’s in love with themselves? Someone who thinks they’re the best thing since sliced bread? Someone who thinks that the world just couldn’t do without them? I have, and I expect you’ve met people like that, too. They’re not really very pleasant because they love themselves so much that they never have time for anyone else. They can’t give love away, because they don’t have any left over. All very sad really, because they don’t actually know the meaning of love at all.

But I expect you’ve also met other people who really love someone else very much. Maybe you do. Perhaps your husband or wife, or a special friend. And in this case, if your love is one hundred per cent you’ll always put them first.
One of the things about love like this, about real love, is that it just can’t exist unless it’s shared with someone else. And when you’re very close to another person like this you often know what they’re thinking before they actually say anything. Two people in love really do, as the song says, “become one”.

When two people are in love, one of them never takes first place over the other. Real lovers are equals because love never tries to control or to take charge. Love always accepts the other person for what he or she is, and is always looking for ways to grow. A good example of this is a man and woman who give themselves to each other in love. And if a child is born out of this love, it’s almost as if the baby is the love, in person, which the two people have for each other.
We could say that the two people who’ve become one in their love, share that oneness with the new independent life which comes from, but is at the same time, a part of it.

I don’t know whether you’ve ever seen that old Michael Cain film “Alfie”; but the theme tune goes: “What’s it all about, Alfie?”.
And that’s quite a good question for all of us to ask ourselves. What’s it all about? Why are we here? Do we just live for a few years and then die? What’s the point of it all? The big question is “Why is there something instead of nothing?”
An atheist would say that the whole universe is really meaningless and there’s no point at all to our existence.
But most people don’t believe this. Most people believe that God created the universe, and then, the next big question is; “Why would God do that?”
Well, we know from our own experience that real love is just about the strongest force there is. And because God is responsible for all that is, then he must be totally soaked in love.

But, just a minute; we said just now that real love can’t exist in one person by themselves, and so in a way which is really beyond our understanding we have to say that this one God is somehow a family of love in himself. Christians summarise all of this by speaking of the love of God as being shared between God as Father and God as Son, and they go on to say that the love which the Father and the Son have for each other finds expression through the Holy Spirit. A third person in this community of love which we call God.

This one God is always trying to grow his love and to draw everything into the relationship which is the heart of his being. That’s why through the Holy Spirit He created the Universe. That’s why , through the Holy Spirit, the Son of God took human flesh and came into our world as Jesus of Nazareth.
If you read your Bible you’ll realise that Jesus knew he was one with God the Father; united in love which let him share the very mind of God. He knew that God wanted to bring everything that He’d created into a sharing of His life of love. Everything , including all of us here this morning. That’s the Good News, the Gospel, which Jesus taught.

We are all the product of God’s love. We are all very precious to Him. He loves us all equally and doesn’t have any favourites.
God became man in Jesus, so that in Jesus we could become joined to God. That’s the meaning of the love of God.
A love which is so big that He gives Himself away to us in Jesus so that our lives might become one with His. So that we might actually share in His divinity. So that through the Holy Spirit we might share in the love which the Father and the Son have for each other.

So that we might share in the love of the Holy Trinity whose special day we are remembering at this Mass.   Amen.