Recent Lym Zim News

Autumn seems to beckon already and one wonders how the summer months passed so fast! Our annual church fete has once again successfully been and gone and folk have started to enquire about Christmas cards already!

Fund raising has been limited but in March at the end of our financial year we sent £1000 to each project. Due to some extremely generous donations in addition to the annual draw subscriptions, we have recently sent £4000 to Emerald Hill to cover the school fees for boarding, education and hearing support for Faith and Leanne and help towards other Emerald Hill work. A further £3000 went to the Perdo Arrupe centre to help them make a start on their ‘wish list’ for 2017 as described in the last edition of this magazine.

Father Brian

Sr. Hilda at Emerald Hill wrote recently:

“We are so grateful for the support you give two of our students. We continue to have a lot of financial challenges and a number of pupils did not return to school until 3 weeks after the start of term as until then the parents could not find the funds for the fees. Our hostels were built in 1927 and now need many repairs. We have had lots of sporting activities like soccer, netball and volleyball which our children have done well in.*

Celebrations for 35 children who took their first stage of Baptism and a celebration for our founder St Dominic were enjoyed in term 2 and as term ends we thank the Lord for his protection.”

The first Sunday Brian returned to Zim this year he was involved in more than 20 Baptism’s at Emerald where he celebrates Mass each Sunday (photos show some of the celebrations after that Mass). Brian seems to have recovered well from his health problems and the Catholic faith is certainly being fostered at Emerald Hill! A copy of their latest brochure for prospective students/parents/referring agencies arrived in my post last week and will appear on our website in due course.

Some readers will know that my health has not been too good in recent months and I now have home oxygen which is helping enormously but will curtail some of my ‘out of the home’ activities including attendance at events as lifting and carrying are difficult. The plus side to this is that I have more time at home to create cards and crafts but I need more outlets for such items and kind people to ensure sales on behalf of Lym Zim. Maybe you can help in some way? Please do not hesitate to contact me with any ideas or offers!

As always I thank you all for the support you give me in this Parish endeavour and our efforts are richly rewarded by the thanks and prayers of those we help.

* When I was last at Emerald Hill, a day out at inter school sport competitions was a highlight much enjoyed by many pupils. They continue to be an important part of school life and social integration.