The Catenian Association

We are an Association of Catholic laymen who are committed to our faith, family and to those in need.  Locally, we are an established network of friends and work for the enhancement of our family life, our young people and to strengthen our Catholic Faith which sustains us in difficult times.

Our meetings are held monthly to discuss issues, to plan social events and outings.  We manage a Bursary fund to assist those aged 18 to 25 who wish to further their experience through voluntary work.  This may be in the UK or overseas and usually (but not always) at a Christian based project. We organise a Catholic Secondary Schools Public Speaking Contest which assists students in their overall development and preparation for University, social and working life.

Each year newly elected President nominates a charity of his choosing and throughout the year, various functions are organised with a view to raising money.  Funds are then distributed to the chosen charity at the end of the year.

A Charitable fund is set up to assist members in difficulty or need which includes the widows of deceased members.  We look after members who are ill  and invite widows to our social functions .

We pray for Vocations at every monthly meeting and have a special Annual Mass for Vocations to the Priesthood. Liaison with our local priests is very important and Catenians value their support highly.

Regular social events are arranged and are enjoyed by members for families and widows. Typically, these include visits to places of interest, theatre, eating out, skittles and quizzes, and more!

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