From Father Anthony

We are all going through a tremendously unsettling time, with no sure indication as to when it will stop. It’s especially distressing not to be able to meet and worship together, but these days will come to an end.  I’m gradually working my way through a long list of about 150 telephone conversations and it’s good to learn that nearly everyone is coping well.

It’s great to be able to keep in touch and I know that many of you are also phoning each other. I hope that I shan’t need to go through the list more than a couple of times before we can resume our normal life together.

Please remember that I’m saying Mass every day, at home in Seaton, and also that Bishop Christopher and Canon George are saying Mass at Lyme and in Seaton as well. You are all in my prayers and I wanted you to know that.

I have asked Peter Porteous to publish, on this web page, a homily which I will write for each Sunday. I will also give him some reflections for Holy Week and I hope these will be useful for you.

Not everyone is aware of our web page, and so I’ve asked Claire Peters to email as many of you as she can in order to bring all of this to your attention. It would also help if you could pass this information on when you speak to each other. I think the jungle drum will be almost as good as the email!

God bless you all.

Fr Anthony

Administered through the Parish Office in Axminster