Church Opening


SPECIAL NOTE:  The recent government announcement banning gatherings of more than 6 people (9 September 2020) does NOT apply to places of worship.

Please see below the list of Mass Times. Please be aware that masks must be worn by all.

We will be following social distancing procedures of two metres and the number of people who can be present at each Mass will be in the region of 20 only.

Please try to attend a week day service if this is possible for you.

Stewards will be in attendance to help you follow the procedures which we have to implement. Please note that the obligation to attend Mass on a Sunday continues to  be held in suspension, and please don’t visit church if you are not feeling well.

September Mass Times:

Tuesday 1st September– Axminster 7pm

Wednesday 2nd September – Seaton 10am

Thursday 3rd September – Lyme Regis 10am

Sunday 6th September – Axminster 9am

Tuesday 8th September – Axminster 7pm

Wednesday 9th September – Seaton 10am

Thursday 10th September – Lyme Regis 10am

Saturday 12th September – Seaton 5.30pm

Tuesday 15th September – Axminster 7pm

Wednesday 16th September – Seaton 10am

Thursday 17th September – Lyme Regis 10am

Sunday 20th September – Lyme Regis 11am

Tuesday 22nd September – Axminster 7pm

Wednesday 23rd September – Seaton 10am

Thursday 24th September – Lyme Regis 10am

Sunday 27th September – Axminster 9am

Tuesday 29th September – Axminster 10am

Wednesday 30th September – Seaton 10am

Administered through the Parish Office in Axminster